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Co-parenting is a new form of parenting. It consists in including one or more people to give birth.

Thus, a woman wishing to create a single-parent family or a gay couple as hetero yet infertile can give birth without going through anonymous sperm banks.

The relationships between co-parents are defined by each of the parties involved, provide the possibility to create a unique family.


Progenitor defines a person who wishes to support future parents in their process of bearing a child. He/She can be more or less involved in the life of the child, depending on the terms defined together by the parent.s.

Thus a progenitor can join a couple of men, a single man or a hetero couple in which the woman is infertile. Likewise, a parent can be associated with a female couple, a single woman or a straight couple in which the man is infertile.


Couples of women and men who wish to become parents have, today under the current framework of several countries’ laws, limited access to parenthood.

However, it is possible to help them achieve their wish through a serious and human approach.

Hence, you can be a progenitor, or a future co-parent wishing to join a co-parenting process with a homosexual couple.


The concept of Family no longer follows the strict rules of traditions but adapts to each and everyone.

Based on a well-defined project or due to life’s unpredictability, you may have to compose or re-compose your family.

It is up to us to support each other in building our unique family. As multiple as it is unique in its ability to create love, life and fulfillment.



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